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We’re giving YOU the chance to design the medal that you want to see at the 2020 Weybridge 10k finish line.

Historically, the Weybridge 10k medal design has always intended to celebrate Weybridge – The Weybridge Monument, Walton Bridge and Weybridge Crest have all previously been incorporated within the medal designs over the last 3 years.

Expanding on our efforts in 2019 – where we welcomed ideas and votes from Weybridge 10k participants to inform the final design – for 2020 we are giving runners the chance to design the medal in full. Those who want to participate should download the medal design template and use this to submit the design to Matt by 4 November 2019. The creator of the winning design will win FREE ENTRY to Weybridge 10k 2020 and have their signature incorporated into the medal design (as per the template).

Participating runners should stick to the following brief and agree to the following terms in order for their designs to be considered:


Design the Weybridge 10k 2020 official finisher’s medal which will be awarded to both 10k and 2km Kids Run finishers. The medal design should aim to “celebrate Weybridge.”

– Include space for the event logo (Weybridge 10k).

– Mention the year of the event (2020) as a minimum. Full date of the event will also be accepted.

– The ribbon must include Weybridge Physiotherapy’s logo.

– The medal will be metal – the colour of which can be shiny or brushed gold, silver, bronze or rose gold. Please specify your preference. The medal can be filled with colour enamel.


– Understand that organisers maintain the right to edit, change and / or use the design for the medal in any way that they see fit. (The design needs to be physically possible / meet various criteria in order to be created).

– Use the official medal design template and submit their design to Matt by 4 November 2019. The dimensions cannot be changed.


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