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Intrigued by the idea of completing an ultramarathon, but unsure whether you could actually do it or not?


Signing up to your first ultramarathon is the perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to limits that you didn’t think were possible. At 60km, The Fox on 25 April is a relatively short ultramarathon, and therefore the perfect choice for a first-timer.

Why should I run an ultramarathon?


There really are countless reasons why people run ultramarathons. For many it’s about dedicating time to yourself and in doing so finding new strength and self-confidence. The feeling of achieving something extraordinary is unexplainable because it’s unique to the individual – it has to be experienced.

– You’ll be amazed by what you can achieve.

– If you’ve completed a marathon and half marathon, it’s the next logical step.

– You’ll develop a greater appreciation for local geography/map reading – discovering places and scenery you never knew existed.

– For a completely new/different running challenge – increasing your distance puts a greater emphasis on your mental strength.

– It opens up a completely new way of travelling great distances all while experiencing the pleasures of the great outdoors.

– Don’t just take our word for it – read the reviews written by those who’ve done it.


It isn’t as bad as you think!


An ultramarathon can sound to some people much scarier than it actually is. In reality, the run will be much, much slower than your usual ‘long-distance’. It’s totally ok to drop down to a walk in places too. A common opinion among ultra runners is that ultras are safer and more enjoyable than shorter distances because in shorter races (half marathon is the perfect example) people really push themselves to get a specific time or PB. With an ultra the aim is simply to finish – which means you have to adopt a totally different mindset. Although you are still pushing yourself, your heart is not being put under as much stress in a short period of time. With the increased distance comes longer periods of time where you have to listen to your mind – so the mental aspect of the challenge becomes increasingly significant. Are you in control of your inner voice? Will your mind push you or distract you when the going gets tough?

Solo ultra runners enjoy taking the opportunity to take a break from modern life and reflect whilst enjoying the tranquilities of the great outdoors. Equally, others thrive on the motivation they get from running with a friend or group. The Fox Ultra Relay is the perfect choice for teams of 3 runners who are not quite up for taking on the full 60km distance alone.

The majority of ultras cover unbelievable scenery that you otherwise would never get to see.

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