Each partnership we create is unique – this approach enables us to deliver the best results to achieve your brand objectives via a bespoke campaign.

Partnering with an aat: event is your opportunity to impress your brand upon a relevant and engaged community through a memorable, branded activation. We achieve commercial and brand awareness objectives for a diverse range of partners via unique and forward-thinking experiential campaigns at multi-award winning events. Your affiliation is complemented with pre-event marketing and followed up with measurable post-event initiatives.

Sponsors & Partners

1. Understand your objectives

Whether you want your products in the hands of your target market or to showcase your organisation as a responsible employer, the way we approach any campaign is the same: we won’t offer a solution until you tell us what it is you want to achieve. Before we can design an activation to deliver the results you want, we need:
– to understand your brand objectives
– an indication of the budget you are prepared to spend to yield them.
If you’re unsure, check out our case studies for inspiration.

2. Present partnership options

Equipped with sound knowledge of your brand, objectives and available budget, we will present you with the partnership options which will best achieve your goals.

We can align your brand to an element of the event (eg warm up) or the whole day – whichever enables us to deliver a unique and memorable experience for our participants and, in doing so, yield the results you seek. We’re prepared to experiment if you are…

3. Deliver activations

This is where, having promoted your brand and association in the lead up to the event, we then bring the concepts to life with creative flair and military precision.

Our award-winning operations team will deliver the event to the highest quality for you and our participants to enjoy.

4. Evaluate and measure success

Our partnership doesn’t end with the participant crossing the finish line. We treat every project with a long term view and will carry out a full evaluation in line with your KPI’s.

If you commit to a multi-year partnership (recommended for maximum brand recognition and retention) we can immediately utilise marketing collateral generated from the event to promote your affiliation for next year; driving the “post-race buzz”.

Contact Hollie

If you know your objectives, have an idea of budget and / or want to find out more about partnership opportunities, contact Hollie – our Marketing and Partnerships Manager.

Hollie has 5+ years experience in the industry; 4 of those she’s spent with us. Her passion is creating disruptive, experiential marketing campaigns for partner brands. Keep scrolling for previous examples of her work – detailed in our case studies.

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