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Sam Gardner, six-time qualifier of the Xterra cross country triathlon championships chats to All About Triathlons taking time out from his preparation for the Hurtleberry XC duathlon!

Q – Who is your London 2013 Games hero?

A – Mo Farah (to win the double, and beat the Kenyans who tried to work him over, legend!)

Q – Which 3 athletes, dead or alive, would you invite to dinner?

A – Chrissie Wellington, she’s very interesting and wouldn’t want to talk sport all the time; Usain Bolt, he might bring the Swedish netball team with him; Jez Cox, he could wash up! We don’t do enough trash talking, let’s make it like boxing!

Q – Best racing tip?

A – Enjoy it, it’s only sport.

Q – What’s your favourite post-training snack?

A – Maxifuel Recovermax drink

Q – Your “must-do” event?

A – Xterra Philippines (for the atmosphere, amazing!)

Q – What sport have you always wanted to do but never tried?

A – Sumo wrestling (place your bets now at Ladbrooks!)

Q – Proudest sporting moment so far…

A – Winning the Xterra Saipan/Tagaman double in 2010

Q – If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?

A – I’d be a bikebox man and appear out of a bikebox, rented from Bikebox online, and build bikes for damsels in distress!

Q – Could you tell us a joke please?

A – You know who gives kids a bad name? Posh and Becks

Sam provides racing tips here

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