The Hurt

2 June 2018
  Add to Calendar 2018-06-02 2018-06-02 Europe/London The Hurt> 5k, 10k, 21k trail run climbing through the picturesque alpines of the Greensand Ridge of The Surrey Hills. This magnificent event will offer superb scenery as you race through the pine forests of Lawbrook Lane, Peaslake, Surrey, GU5 9QW AAT Events

Lawbrook Lane, Peaslake, Surrey, GU5 9QW


5km, 10.5km or 21km trail running through the forests of Hurt in the Surrey Hills. What is this race like? The clue is in the name…

The Route Director was born in the Forests of the Hurtwood and has been running through them ever since he could stand. He knows them thar hills and he knows which will hurt and which will not. In 2018 the routes will be tweaked and some of those hills will be added. As all the distances will be extended, for some it will be a case of ‘we meet again’. For others it will be ‘glad to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you…’

When you enter, assume distances are approximate. ie approximately 5k, approximately 10k and approximately 21k.

The route has been finalised. Please scroll down to the course section for profile and link to the route.1 lap is just over 10.7k. The 5k is  5.4k.

Location & Travel

Parking is off Lawbrook Lane, Peaslake, Surrey GU5 9QW. Please follow the The Hurt signs and arrows.

Registration, bag storage, port a loos and the race start will all be at this location.

This year the start line line is in the car park. 

Please don't go to Walking Bottom Car Park. No one will be there!


Men + Women 5k, 10k, 20k

Age Category

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