Lunar Landing Virtual Run

31 July 2019


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31 July 2019 - Virtually Anytime

Celebrating 50 years since we first landed on the moon, you can now grab your self a little piece of lunar history and run for this gorgeous medal.

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Beginner friendly

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A Virtual Run: Enter the event, run in your own time, where ever you are in the world, submit your evidence and we'll send you the Lunar Landing medal to recognise your effort.

The Lunar Landing virtual run celebrates running and outer space! Celebrating 50 years since the historic Apollo 11 mission, we are delighted to invite you to participate in the Lunar Landing virtual run. Pick your location, pick your distance and conquer the next frontier! 

Run between 1km and 360,000km (no longer) and record your route on Strava (or similar) in July.

Please send your evidence to


Sign up online and prepare for takeoff. Lace up your shoes, tighten your belt and get jogging.

What to wear

We recommend using running shoes, to make this challenge just that little more comfortable. Don't forget your running belt to hold your phone, so you can take that selfie. If your feeling particularly fruity don your astronaut costume and get running.  


Design your own route: Uphill, downhill, urban or natural, any option is welcome! In celebration of discovery, we encourage you to explore the great outdoors.

Don't Forget

Training advice by Field of Fitness
Training plan supplied by Field of Fitness Download

Prizes for Photos
Thanks to our partner Fenn Night vision we are offering a prize for the best Instagram moment.
Please submit your picture via email or our Instagram and be in for a chance to win.  Winners will be those who find something unique from your local park to. Conquer that final frontier.