It won’t just be the #MercerActive community who share photos of their latest sporting endeavors in Mercer Surrey Half Marathon-branded sports tops…

The organisers of the Mercer Surrey Half Marathon have recently announced that they are new, proud sponsors of the University of Surrey Hockey Club.

As beneficiaries of sponsorship for events like the Mercer Surrey Half, aat-events are delighted to give back to the community in the very same way to support local students in their sporting endeavors. University after all should be a fantastic experience for all who attend – and aat-events aim to provide exceptional experiences for everyone.

You only need look as far as Mercer’s #MercerActive campaign to see the power that a branded sports top can have. Dressing well (for any occasion) positively impacts one’s self-efficacy – which is well-documented as having a significant effect on performance. Through the sponsorship of their club, the students have been able to purchase new kit, which they wear with pride around campus, at matches and during training.

“We want Surrey University Students to look and feel like sporting superstars” said Hollie, Event Manager at Mercer Surrey Half Marathon.

“We hope that by sponsoring their choice of brand-new kit we can facilitate a boost in confidence and morale amongst the team which will lead to improved performance and recognition. We certainly enjoy getting new running kit from Fitstuff ahead of a running race, and our friends from Mercer certainly get excited each year when their Mercer Surrey Half tops arrive.”

The partnership aims to give students a relevant and meaningful opportunity to engage with the local community throughout their University experience – which may help the transition from ‘student to working life’ for those who choose to stay in the area. This evolution can be challenging in many respects, but it’s an exciting prospect for Mercer – who are champions of employee health and wellbeing – to support these pre-career adults in establishing a sustainable and enjoyable work-life balance.

As organisers of various different sporting events, aat’s focus has never been limited to inspiring participation in a single sport. Sponsorship of the Hockey Club reflects this company value and reaches a community of active people who truly benefit from regularly attending (participating in or volunteering at) aat-events.

Many of the club members are already becoming regular faces. By volunteering at the events, the team gain points which contribute towards STARS criteria for a University award. And of course, like all aat-event volunteers, they gain X2 free aat-event entries in return for helping once.

The President of the Hockey Club said:

“We are really grateful for the sponsorship from aat and LOVE our new training tops. We really enjoy volunteering with aat and always get positive feedback from our members who attend the events”.

“We enjoy being at the water stations or handing out medals at the finish line, cheering people on and maintaining positive energy on race day”.

The University of Surrey Hockey Club looks to be having a successful season with several of the teams looking as though they may get promotions. We wish them the best of luck for 2020!