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You can never have too many pairs of socks, but when it comes to choosing a pair to run in how do you know which to choose? After testing out various styles of socks, aat-events recommend Hilly socks for style, durability and comfort. You can purchase a pair today from Fitstuff in Guildford.




Hilly was formed in 1992 by Dr. Ron Hill, MBE – the former European and Commonwealth marathon champion. Hilly socks – winners of the “Best Socks” category in The Running Awards for 2 years in a row – are designed to provide cushioning for the knees, support for the ankles and help combat against blisters. Each sock has its specialities so there are socks available to satisfy a beginner but also socks to satisfy the seasoned athlete – so our team of race organisers and aat ambassadors put each style to the test.


The Socks:


Toby and Hollie trialled the Twin-Skin model, which are designed to absorb friction, have a durable heel and toe box fabric and vented upper and arch grip.

One of our ambassadors, David Corrie, said (when asked about his essential running kit) “A comfy well-fitting pair of socks. Seriously, do not skimp on quality socks, nothing hurts more (for me at least) than sore feet, blisters etc. All preventable from good socks and a properly fitted pair of running shoes. My brand of choice? Hilly Socks of course!”

Initial appeal:

H: “Because I’m exercising so frequently, my favourite pieces of gear are constantly in and out of the wash – so durability and attention-grabbing design are important considerations when it comes to socks for me. Running is only one part of my training regime, so if I’m going to buy running-specific socks I would seek out a pair which I would race in – so ideally a model which prevented blisters.

T: “Well the red and blue pair are obviously on brand with Surrey Half, so how could I not choose this model? I’ve run comfortably in this model before and they’re highly reputable – Twin-Skins are every runner’s first choice for anti-blister socks.”


H: “I’m pleased to see that the toe box fabric is durable. Even after a month’s worth of washing they are not starting to thin or get holes.”

H: “I love the colour scheme. The bright colours makes them easy to identify in a pile of washing / in my draws – which matters if, like me, you’re constantly seeking out your favourite gear to wear 3 or more times per week.”

T: “I find the double-layer construction to be effective in preventing blisters. Although in the past I’ve usually sought out ankle socks, I find that I now prefer the height of this sock style – it sits neatly in line with the top of my trainers and don’t slip off of my heel.”

Twin Skin product details:

25% improved drying rate
Double-layer construction
Absorbs friction
Enhanced moisture transfer from foot to outer surface
Durable heel & toe box fabric
Vented upper and arch grip
New vented inner sock

Rob and ambassadors Lee and David trialled the Supreme model – one of the world’s most technical running socks which boasts a super-soft and luxury feel.

Initial appeal:

R: “Generally if I’m going to choose a technical sock I’d go for ones made of wool as they will have the best anti-odour / anti-microbial properties.”


R: “The anti-odour properties are as expected. Also the seam runs flat under the toe which makes them comfy and more resistant to holes – I hadn’t really thought of that before but now I notice it, it makes sense. It’s a well-thought out design feature.”

Supreme product details:

DriRelease® Wool – super soft, high wicking, anti-microbial
NanoGlide® – in heel and toe – soft and friction free prevents blisters
Mid-level anatomical cushioning in key pressure zones for optimum comfort
Vented upper and arch grip
Ambassador Maddie trialled the Lite Comfort model, which are a great choice for an everyday active sock.

Lite Comfort product details:
Mid-level cushioning
Durable polyamide heel and toe
Vented upper and arch grip

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