Event Information

Sunday 10th July 2022

Everyone is welcome to “tri triathlon” at the prestigious Surrey Sports Park – a venue boasting a state-of-the-art sports centre.

This Sprint Triathlon is an exceptional choice for chasing personal bests, first-time triathletes or those who prefer indoor pool facilities.

The Kids TriStar Aquathlons are introductory events designed for children (8-14) who are looking to “tri” multisport– perhaps for the first time, or to improve on previous years.


Event Manager: Lynsey

Hey, I’m the Event Manager for Guildford Triathlon. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this event, or follow me on Instagram to check out all the behind-the-scenes action!


Kyra's favourite event

I love the Guildford Triathlon – I take part every year. It’s a great choice for first-time triathletes because everyone is really welcoming and it’s a really friendly atmosphere.

Event Information


Sprint triathlon distance: 500m pool swim, 23km road cycle and a 5km trail run around Surrey Sports Park. And a Starbucks at the end!


23km Cycle

5.1K Run

📍 Venue

Surrey Sports Park, GU2 7AD

Registration, toilets and free parking are all available at Surrey Sports Park.

Guildford Triathlon

🚗 Travel

It’s best to drive to this venue with your triathlon gear and use the free car parking in the Nursery (sign posted when you arrive.)

🅿️ Parking

Free parking is available in the lower Nursery car park.

The Nursery car park is near transition. You will need your race number to enter transition so leave your belongings (including your bike) in the car, collect your race number from the registration tent and then head back to the car and collect your kit.

ℹ️ Registration

Collect your race number (attach to front of running top), bike stickers, and timing chip (attach to your ankle) from the registration tent on race day.

You will need your race number to enter transition. Leave your belongings (including your bike) in the car, collect your race number from the registration tent; then head back to the car and collect your kit.

This is a BTF-affiliated event and thus all participants will need a BTF license to participate.


Guildford Triathlon

🚲 Transition (T1 & T2)

Bring a £1 coin to use lockers within Surrey Sports Park to store any items that you do not need in transition.

You will need your race number to enter transition. BTF rules apply when entering/exiting transition.

No shoes will be allowed outside the pool doors. All competitors must run barefoot from the pool exit to transition. This is a short run on soft grass and across some tarmac.

Guildford Triathlon

🏊 Swim

Guildford Triathlon commences with a swim in the 50m pool. Please ensure that you are poolside at least 5 minutes before your scheduled swim start. Swim 2 lengths within 1 lane before ducking under the lane rope – you’ll continue to do this until you have completed your distance.

Sprint Triathlon (15yrs+) – 500m

Tristar 3 (13/14 years) – 300m

Tristar 2 (11/12 years) – 200m

Tristar 1 (9/10 years) – 150m

Tristart (8 years)- 50m

Guildford Triathlon

🚴 Bike

You must have a road-legal bike to participate in the Sprint Triathlon – the 23km cycle is completed on open roads.

Participants will encounter a number of traffic lights on the bike route where we will operate a “dead zone” procedure.  Time taken to stop at traffic lights will automatically be deducted from your bike time. Please keep to the left when waiting at traffic lights.

Please obey the highway code at all times. As this is a BTF-affiliated event, if you do break traffic regulations then you will be disqualified.



Guildford Triathlon

🏃‍♀️ Run

The route will primarily be on grass so no need for carbon-plated shoes! As always be careful with your footing and remain aware of members of the public and other participants when overtaking.

The adults run is 5.1K, it involves running out to a loop, which you will do three times and then returning to the finish. Please take a look at the course map: here.

With the beautiful scenery of the Surrey Sports Park grounds to look at you will be over the finish line before you know it.

🗒️ Event Programme

This year we are teaming up with expert swim coach to help our participants get the most out of our events.

Transform your front crawl swimming with our Intermediate level Guildford Lido Squad Sessions! ONLY 4 PLACES LEFT AS OF THIS AFTERNOON!
Would you love to learn how to swim with an effortless front crawl technique in 2022?
If you can swim 6 x 100m front crawl at a pace of 1:30 – 2:15 consistently per 100 metres on 30 seconds rest, or a 400m time trial in 6-9 minutes pace per 100 metres, then this swimming group is perfect for you!
Do you want regular fitness testing, personal pacing zones, and technique drills to improve your front crawl?
Starting Tuesday 3rd May 2022 at 7.00 pm – 10 and 20-week blocks are available. Sessions run weekly to mid-September 2022.
Sign up now to avoid disappointment!
Speedy Swimming

📲 Instant Results

Provide us with your mobile number during online registration so we can text you your finish time as soon as you cross the line.

👙 Triathlon Kit List

Goggles. Test out your goggles before race day to ensure that they don’t leak! Goggles come in many colours/styles – it’s best to try a few pairs on to decide which are most comfortable for you. Goggles with a clear lens let in the maximum amount of light so provide superb clarity of vision for swimming indoors – so these are what we would recommend. The pool at Surrey Sports Park is well lit so if you’d prefer to wear goggles with a tinted (heighten contrast) or smoke (reduce brightness) lens they will be perfectly suitable. If you wear glasses, know that you can purchase prescription goggles to enjoy the same clarity of vision you would have wearing your glasses.

Aftershokz earphones (pictured). Aftershokz wireless, bone-conducting earphones deliver stereophonic sound to the inner ear – enabling users to enjoy music whilst still being able to hear everything around them (including traffic). We recommend the submersible Xtrainerz model for use in triathlon.

Sports watch. If it’s not recorded, does it even count? That’s up to you! But this triathlon is chip-timed.

Swim Hat. Not compulsory, but if you have long or thick hair please consider wearing one.

Costume (F). Ladies – if you don’t own a tri suit, just wear a swimming costume with your sports bra underneath it. In transition, you can then slip on shorts (such as these lululemon shorts) over your wet costume – and a top if you like (lululemon top).

Trunks (M). Gentlemen – if you don’t own a tri suit just wear a pair of trunks which you can either continue cycling in (like these lululemon shorts) or that you can slip a pair of cycling shorts over. We recommend this quick-drying top by lululemon.

Bike. Bikes must be road legal. Make sure your tyres are fully pumped up and puncture-free; and that it’s been serviced recently.

Helmet. Helmets are compulsory. Ensure that your helmet is fastened before you leave T1.

Cycle shoes. To save time, make sure they are unfastened. Cleats are optional. If you wear cleats you will need to change shoes twice in transition, but they do give you more power because you can pull up on the pedal as well as push down. If you don’t want to clip in, wear your running trainers for the cycle. If you want to benefit from maximum pedalling power in trainers, consider attaching pedals with toe straps to your bike so that you can pull up when you pedal as well as push down. Scroll back up to view our shoe recommendations.

Running shoes. Make sure they are well worn-in so that you know they don’t cause discomfort. To save time, make sure they are unfastened. Consider sprinkling talcum powder inside them before the triathlon starts to make them easier to put on. Scroll back up to view our shoe recommendations.

👍 Top Transition Tips

When you first enter transition, take a mental note of a static landmark to help you identify the location of your belongings during the event (ie not a bike which may or may not be there when you return from your swim). Lay out your equipment as best as possible in your allocated space so that everything is ready to go – you don’t want to be unzipping lots of pockets searching for that missing sock!

Bag. As per BTF rules, only soft-sided bags – not boxes – are permitted to remain in transition during the event. Your bag must not impede the progress of another competitor – so please make sure that it is not too big. We recommend choosing a brightly-coloured KITBRIX bag because transition looks very different during the event than it does when you first enter it to drop off your belongings.

Towel. Cut down your transition time by multi-tasking! Stand on a small or folded KITBRIX TOWEL to dry your feet whilst you fasten your helmet etc. Then put your socks and shoes on last – some triathletes like to put talcum powder on their feet or in their shoes to make this process easier.

Water & Nutrition. You shouldn’t need to take on gels in T1 (Transition 1 – post swim) but you may wish to consider having additional water and/or energy ready for T2 (Transition 2 – post cycle).

ℹ️ Other Information

We are continuously reviewing the covid-19 guidance and national situation.

All participants will be asked to complete an online health declaration form to confirm that they do not have any symptoms of covid-19. This will be checked on entry to the event, to ensure that all participants have completed the form.

Spectators will not be permitted entry into the event village. This is to ensure that we can maintain social distancing at all times.

🏅 Huge Medal

All finishers will be rewarded with a huge bespoke medal at the finish line.


Guildford Triathlon

📸 Free Photos

Smile for the camera! Epic Action Imagery will be taking photos out on the course and at the finish line. Photos will be available to download for free shortly after the event – please tag us @aatevent when you share them on social media so we can “like” your posts.

Guildford Triathlon