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“I was rubbish at sport at school. Always last to be selected. ‘Do we HAVE to pick David? He’s useless’. They were right. I was. Until 20 years ago when I discovered exercise, wholly different to football, rugby, hockey, cricket etc. Now you can’t get me out of bed quick enough to get into the gym working on those glutes or biceps or lacing up some Brooks to get on the trails of the Surrey Hills. The natural buzz and rush of endorphins you get from going on a run is unbeatable. I just love it.

So add my work as a children’s entertainer, Session Organiser for Cranleigh’s ‘Riding for the Disabled’ and Run Leader for Fitstuff, I’m on my feet pretty much all the time.”

Favourite aat-event:

Hardassnails – “Best scenic route EVER”

Goals for the year:

Stay fit, injury free and continue to ENJOY exercise – “Once you realise you’re not going to win gold at the Olympics you can relax and savour each run, each gym session and appreciate each day. Stop for a moment to take in the view because if that costs you 3 seconds on your 10K time, who cares? You’re up and off the couch – THAT’S what counts.ith the St Thomas Trotters group – we run every Tuesday after the school drop off. After escaping the children we take off across the Surrey Hills with 3 crazy dogs in tow.”

Favourite training session:

Intervals, when taking a training session I normally disguise it as a relay race with batons, it seems more fun and reminds me of sports day at school, except now I’m better at it and never picked last as I’m no longer the rubbish one!

Essential race kit:

A comfy well-fitting pair of socks. Seriously, do not skimp on quality socks, nothing hurts more (for me at least) than sore feet, blisters etc. All preventable from good socks and a properly fitted pair of running shoes. My brand of choice? Hilly Socks of course!

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