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Chessington Running Wild is a family fun run held within Chessington World of Adventures to raise money for the Chessington Conservation Fund (CCF). Enter now.

CCF supports a number of organisations and charities committed to the conservation of all kinds of endangered species and the protection of their natural habitats. In 2018, Chessington Running Wild raised £3027 for Wild Cats; this year CCF will support The Green Project run by the Limbe Wildlife Foundation. This is a long-term community-based project that generates new alternative incomes for a hunting community and provides high-value foods that enhance the diet, health and well-being of the primates at the LWC. They achieve this by training ex-poachers to become farmers and earn income from harvesting food for the species they hold rather than poach them. These species may include but are not limited to: Western Lowland Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Vervets, Drills, African Grey Parrots, Patas Monkeys, Genets and Owls.

Fundraising generated at Chessington Running Wild will help enable the development of enhancing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the community to increase the positive impact on wider conservation efforts. Identify key individuals within the community who can undertake real conservation into future years.

Fun Fact! Never before has anyone taken part in a running event to raise money for The Limbe Wildlife Centre!! Make a donation to the Limbe Wildlife Centre.

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