Exciting times are ahead for aat:events, so we are recruiting a Participant Services Officer (Marketing and Customer Services) to help deliver an increasing number of events to an award-winning standard.
If you are interested in this role, apply with your CV and a short covering letter (300 words maximum) to hollie@aat-events.com.

This role is suitable for a running fanatic with marketing and customer service know-how, who wants to make a big impact at work and within the Guildford / Woking community. We are looking for someone who is keen to get involved in all aspects of Event Marketing and Management within the sports industry and is ultimately able to help deliver events to a multi-award winning standard. The ideal candidate is someone who is prepared to go above and beyond to integrate themselves into the aat:events community – to promote the events from a grassroots level.

This is a lifestyle job which demands flexibility and excellent teamwork from its hardworking, knowledgeable staff. The small team of 4 (very active) staff strive to be their best in their working and sporting lives; we all regularly participate in and work at competitive events for both personal enjoyment and professional growth. An important part of the culture at aat:events is to attend local run clubs / integrate ourselves within our community.

40% of our participants live in Guildford and Woking alone; as a company it is imperative that we have excellent knowledge of the local area and affairs. If you can understand and deliver participant demands, you will have the opportunity to make a big impact within both the business and local community.
The Role.

The Participant Services Officer will essentially be our “Front of House” – responsible for the presentation of all customer-facing content to ensure that aat:events interact with participants in an engaging and seamless manner. The ability to deliver the level of exceptional customer service expected at multi-award winning company is essential; you will need to demonstrate that you can understand the needs, wants and demands of our participants and social media following.The Participant Services Officer will be responsible for designing and managing the complete customer journey – from the moment someone finds out about events via marketing channels to completing the entry form and receiving pre, event day and post-event (results & retargeting) updates. Behind the scenes, this involves designing and building all entry forms, updating and posting news articles on the website, listing our events on 3rd party sites, delivering relevant and engaging communications on social media and all customer service (including preparing event data for the day).

You will have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of Event Management and Sponsorship at aat:events. With support from the aat-ambassadors, you will be responsible for delivering a number of free events throughout the year which you will design to engage our community and activate sponsor branding.This is a highly community-focused role – you will need to fully integrate yourself within the local community and culture which may involve attending local running clubs and events outside your typical Monday – Friday working hours of 08:30 – 17:30. You must be willing to be flexible with these timings where this participant-focused job demands – eg. monitoring inboxes and social channels the evening before an event.Most events (approx 15 a year) are held on weekends at which you are expected to attend for your own career progression. You can take time off in lieu following each event within a given time frame (ie not the Monday following an event).

Key Responsibilities:

  • Campaign delivery
  • Seek, secure and deliver content for advertising opportunities.
  • Secure graphic design commissions to meet print deadlines.
  • Race listings.
  • Management of all social channels.
  • Content creation.
Analysis of post performance etc.
  • Website management.
  • All updates and creation of sponsor / news posts.
  • Community Engagement.
  • Analysis of marketing campaigns (peak send times etc).
  • Design and delivery of loyalty schemes.
  • Design and deliver community events (run shop evenings etc).
  • Management of Racecheck review process.
  • Customer Service Management.
  • Answering emails, social media DMs and phone calls.
  • Event registration platform management (RiderHQ).
  • Data analysis (Entries, Revenue, Marketing ROI etc.)
  • Event Management.
  • Play a key role on event days including site build and de-rig.

Essential Qualities:

  • Enthusiastic and approachable by nature.
  • Confidence & willingness to learn new and develop existing skills.
  • Adaptability and professionalism in order to engage with various clients and sponsors.
  • Available to work at approximately 15-weekend events a year.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal English.
  • Passion for delivering exceptional customer service.
  • Organised.
  • Able to manage multiple tasks and deadlines simultaneously.
  • Keen eye for design.
  • Ability to adhere to brand guidelines.
  • Marketing qualification(s).
  • Strong understanding of and ability to create engaging content.
  • Driving license.
  • Having use of a car which you are willing to use for work purposes.

Advantageous Qualities:

  • Physical fitness / keen interest in running.
  • There are physical aspects of the job involved such as packing event equipment, running event routes, building and de-rigging event sites.
  • Regularly participating in similar events yourself would demonstrate that you already begin to understand the needs of our participants and are familiar with the industry.
  • Living locally / having good knowledge of / easy access to the area would demonstrate that you can fit in with our culture whilst maintaining a sustainable work / life balance.
  • Advanced computer literacy.
  • Photoshop / Graphic Design skills.
  • Photography skills.
  • Videography / editing skills.
  • Advanced driving skills.
  • Experience driving a van.


£18,000 PAYE, 22 days holiday