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If you’re taking part in the Fox Ultra on 22nd April 2017, save the link to this blog.

We’ll be updating it from now up until the event with the best advice we can give!

Q: What would you bring with you if you were going out for the day?
A: Money, a phone, and perhaps a bag to put it in.

Anything can happen when you go out for the day, which is why you need to pack smart but prepare yourself for any eventuality.

Food and Water – You’ll burn a lot of calories (yay!) so you need to take on plenty of high-energy foods which are easy to digest. There will be a number of food stations along the way which will serve plenty of drinks and snacks, but if you’re particularly fussy (like me) or worried that you’d like to eat between these stations, we recommend bringing some energy gels, snacks and definitely some reserve water. You know what suits you…

Money – You’re going out for the day. You may wish to drop out mid-run due to fatigue or injury, so bring enough money so that you can get yourself home. Please tell us if you do quit though, as we will send out a search party otherwise!

Map – The route will be fully marked with hi-vis arrows. However it is always worth bringing a map just in case. It’s very possible that you could get tired and miss an arrow mid-day dream…

Phone – with credit!! If you get lost or hurt, you may need to call someone. An emergency number will be provided closer to the date, so please save this as soon as you get it!

Headtorch – The run will be starting very early, and it is likely to be very dark in the morning. Please bring a working headtorch for your own safety. Head to Fitstuff in Guildford for the best deals and choice.

Layers – as you see fit. The weather could change at any time. If you get de-hydrated it is likely you can start getting hot and cold!

Suitable Shoes – Please ensure that your trainers are comfortable. Don’t wear ones that you’ve bought less than 2 weeks prior to the run!!!

Q: What to do if you get a blister…

A: If it’s before the Fox Ultra…

  • If you haven’t already, buy an appropriate pair of well-fitting shoes. Most reputable running shops will offer a professional fitting service on a treadmill. It’s worth spending the time (and the money!) on getting the basics right.
  • Try to avoid squeezing your feet into tight or uncomfortable shoes, and ensure your dry them properly whenever they become wet – using talcum powder if necessary.
  • Wear a good pair of socks which allow your feet to breathe. TwinSkin socks may be appropriate.
  • Tie your shoes properly – hold your foot firm around the ankle, heel and foot but with room to move at the end for the toes.
  • Keep your toenails short and straight. Long and/or jagged toenails are easier to catch on things and cause injury.
  • Consider taping your feet or toes before you start. If this is necessary, it may be worth thinking about purchasing a more suitable pair of socks/shoes.

A: If it’s during the Fox Ultra…

  • If your shoes are not waterproof, avoid wet-areas as best you can in the interest of keeping your feet dry
  • Dry your feet and change your socks if they get wet
  • Bring vaseline with you use
  • At feedstations, consider taking your shoes and socks off to let them air
  • Examine your feet for problems regularly
  • Deal with problems as soon as they occur
  • If you feel some rubbing, STOP
  • Put tape or a blister plaster over any red areas
  • If you have a large blister which is likely to burst, pop it at the edge and expel the fluid before dressing.
  • Apply lubricant over the tape/dressing to prevent socks catching the blister dressing
  • Original plaster coming off apply new one over old one rather than removing

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