Running at its heart is a simple sport. Millions of runners throughout the world take part as individuals and many of you come together at mass participation events which provide fantastic shared experiences, community spirit, social benefits and fund-raising opportunities.

When we come together like this, we have a collective environmental impact on our towns, cities, rural areas and trails. From the fuel we use to get ourselves to the event to the litter and waste produced, we all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint globally.

As race organisers, we recognise that it is our responsibility to help shape this change in mass participation events and this policy will describe how we aim to do this across all of our events.

At aat events, we organise a number of closed road, trail and triathlon events and each one has subtle differences in how participants behave, take onboard water and the amount of waste produced. To shape our sustainability policy we will use different methods across our events so that the quality and safety of the event is not compromised.

As runners we ask that you support us in this sustainability policy and help us make these small changes that can make a big difference.

Mercer Surrey Half Marathon Water & Plastic Policy:

Mercer Surrey Half is our biggest event featuring 5000 runners. In 2019 the event used 18,000 bottles (250ml) of water on the course and at the finish line. We want to make it easy for runners of all levels to access water on the course and at the end of the race and we will be taking the following actions:

-Water stations reduced from five down to three. Water will be available every 5km as recommended by UK Athletics.
-The final course water station will be for refills only so if you intend to drink between 15km and the finish keep hold of your bottle or refill the existing vessel.
-We encourage all runners to keep hold of their bottle of water before discarding. To often a few sips are taken and then they are discarded wasting much of it and picking up a fresh bottle at the next station. Please keep hold of the bottle or discard it in designated bins.
-Compostable cups will be available for every finish to use or you can refill your existing vessel.
-Bring your own water in a camel back which you can find available at all good running shops.

These actions will mean a reduction of over 10,000 plastic water bottles at the event.

Our long term aim is for the race to become plastic bottle free and to do so we need the support of the running community.

Trail Runs: G3, The Fox, HardAsSnails

-All of our trail runs will become ‘cupless’ races. This means runners will need to bring their own reusable cup or other water supply. Water will be available to refill on course at all water stations.
-aat will sell reusable cups during online registration and onsite at each event for £3.50

Road Runs: Weybridge 10k, Guildford 10k

-All of our shorter distance road runs will provide water from a compostable cup at one on course station and at the finish.
-aat will sell reusable cups during online registration and onsite at each event for £3.50.

Triathlons: Haslemere Triathlon, Guildford Triathlon

-All of our Triathlons will have a water station available on the run course with a compostable cup of refill solution.
-aat will sell reusable cups during online registration and onsite at each event for £3.50.


-Where possible we encourage all participants to car share with friends and family or walk, run, cycle to the events.

We welcome all ideas from our runners and if you’d like to help us meet our environmental goals please do get in touch with us by emailing