Are you stuck trying to think of ways to generate that last little bit of sponsorship money? Or, are you looking for a unique way to raise your sponsorship money? Have a read of this for some different ideas.

Quick Ideas:

  1. Place a collection box on your desk at work.
  2. Speak to the boss and charge £2 for a dress down day.
  3. Hand out packs of smarties and ask for it back full of £1 coins.
  4. Charge people to enter a bake-off and sell the cakes.
  5. Sweepstake for the Six Nations, World Cup or Wimbledon.

Get Everyone on Board:

There are several ways to make everyone aware that you are raising money. You need to launch with some noise. Get your fundraising in the newsletter, send out emails or put it on the website. Design a calendar and poster and post them all over the office. The more people that are aware of it the better. Before you do all this you must set up a JustGiving or GiveNGain page.

Involve Management:

Getting management on board means you can offer lots of fun opportunities. For example, you could auction or raffle for a day off or an afternoon off. Or potentially get them to bring in baby photos to guess who is who.

Food and Drink:

This is, of course, one of the biggest and popular categories. There are lots of options for you. A bake sale, guess the number of sweets in a jar, a tuck shop, cheese tasting and finally Friday night drinks. There are lots of other options for food so just have a think about what people may want to join in with.

Team Events:

Why not host a team event. This could be as simple as a football or tennis tournament. Or another trusted option could be a quiz night. Other tested team events are a workplace treasure hunt, virtual challenges (run a marathon, cycle, or row without leaving the gym) or perhaps a mini Apprentice with the teams being given a small budget to see who can make the most money by the end of the day.