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Having worked with Marketa Hamilton in that past when she provided massage at the 2017 Fox event, we were excited to hear of her new adventure in to running apparel with eleven sportswear. Marketa kindly offered to send some samples over to the aat ambassadors. Hollie and Becky couldn’t resist a quick test on a morning run before we packaged up the kit and sent it on!

Becky was a big fan of the compression socks, which kept her calf muscles snug without feeling too restrictive. Given it was a chilly morning, the hats brought a welcome bit of relief from the cold wind. The “Sven” with a little pompom on top was voted the favourite in the aat office – very cute. Hollie really liked the fit of the headbands. These were great for a chilly run, but we felt they would also come in very handy on the bike or whilst snowboarding. (Too bad we’ve both already had our trips to the mountains for this year!).

Ambassador Lee’s package included some fluro green compressions socks! Lee has worn them on a few training run now and reported back: “Really impressed with these compression socks – very comfortable and they fit really well. They’re great for evening runs with them being so luminous so I can be seen whilst out running.”

Martin reported that he has never really bothered with run headwear in the past. BUT when the “Beast from the East” paid a visit he reported he was “really pleased with the protection against Arctic conditions by the eleven headgear. It was really warm and windproof – a great bit of kit for winter training.”

Gemma also took the compression socks out for a run: “I love the compression socks, great bright colours and really comfortable to run in.”

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