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aat-events, Tri-Project and RIPL are on a mission to grow the running community. So here’s a way for you to encourage your friends to join you for our fun run at Chessington World of Adventures…

Everyone who takes part in Chessington Running Wild will be given an exclusive 50% off discount code to treat themselves to some awesome run kit. PLUS, once you’ve bought your new sportswear, you can arrange for a friend to receive a free RIPL gift.

Ready to take advantage of this amazing deal? Here’s how to start your #RIPLeffect with aat-events and Tri Project…

First, you need to grab your fellow running companions (or find some new ones) and enter the inaugural Chessington Running Wild race.

At the event, which takes place on 4th November 2017, entrants will be given an exclusive 50% discount voucher to spend at RIPL.

Once you’ve treated yourself to some snazzy running gear (which is made from it’s own unique blend of material – unlike anything you’ve ever owned before!) you’ll be invited to start your #RIPLeffect.

You do this by answering these 3 questions via a form which you’ll see on your order confirmation page.


1. The name of the person you are nominating to receive a free RIPL gift.

2. Their email address. This is so RIPL can offer them the choice of free gift.

3. The reason you are choosing them, so RIPL can share your inspirational words of support with them!


It’s a very simple and quick process. But first things first – online registration for Chessington Running Wild will close on 2nd November 2017.

Enter Chessington Running Wild.

Find out more about the event here.

Go to RIPL’s website


We look forward to seeing you there!

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