Fitstuff G3 Series

Newlands Corner, Drove Road, Guildford, GU4 8SE


The Latest Info:


4 Feb – Congratulations to everyone who took part. Results

7 Jan – 5km and 10km – STRAVA ROUTE SOLD OUT!!!

21 Jan – 10km – STRAVA ROUTE SOLD OUT!!!

4 Feb – 10km and 15km – STRAVA ROUTE SOLD OUT!!!

Hard As Snails – 28th June – Take on St Marthas and Newlands Corner in warmer weather (we hope!).

Which challenging series will you take on?

G3 Endurance – Enter 5km, 10km and 15km to improve your endurance
Speedy G3 – Enter 5km, 10km and 10km to improve your speed
The Classic G3 – 10km, 10km and (you guessed it)10km for old time’s sake
The G3 Challenge – 10km, 10km and 15km to go the distance

Results for the 2016 series are still available for you to check out.



Location & Travel

WARNING: Parking at Newlands Corner is limited. Please share a lift and park tightly. Cycle (plenty of trees to chain your bike to), walk, parachute in or run to the venue to help reduce congestion. If you have to drive please use the Facebook page to coordinate your lift.


Men+Women U40

Men+Women Vets

1st Fitstuff Voucher Fitstuff Voucher
2nd Fitstuff Voucher Fitstuff Voucher