Benefits of Hot Yoga for Runners

Whether you are a recreational runner or a serious athlete, hot yoga is an excellent practice to complement your existing training routine.  Whilst running provides a great workout, the body is taken through a fairly limited range of movement in which it will experience a lot of pounding, tightening and shortening of the muscles and not enough elongating and loosening. A yoga class will provide a complete workout for every muscle in the body.  Practicing yoga in a heated room can bring the following benefits to your running performance:

Stamina: the challenge of practicing yoga for 60 or 90 minutes in a heated room on a regular basis will increase your overall stamina significantly.

Strength: during a yoga class you will work every muscle group in your body. Specifically beneficial to runners is the building of your heart muscle and lung capacity.

Flexibility: flexibility in the legs will reduce the possibility of injury and improve your stride length and your running efficiency.

Body Alignment: a body that has become misaligned can place undue stress on hips, knees and ankles resulting in discomfort or injury. Yoga will help redress any such imbalance.  If you suffer chronic aches and pains this could be a symptom of a structural imbalance.

Mental Focus: yoga is a mindful pursuit. Regular practice will enhance your ability to breathe effectively and focus your mind to achieve optimum performance at times when your body is feeling truly challenged.

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