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Angela Armitage is a member of Guildford’s Phoenix Triathlon Club and owns Dolphin Kick, a specialist supplier of children’s triathlon clothing, based locally in Sutton Green. Angela is kindly providing the prizes for the kids’ aquathlon events taking place on 11th June. Who better to advise on your preparation for the event of the summer!

Angela, are there any important bits of multisport kit really worth investing in?

Race belts are really useful. You can pin your race number to them rather than your clothing, so no holes in your top. It’s a lot quicker than fiddling about with safety pins! Elastic laces are another relatively inexpensive purchase which will make your transition that bit quicker and easier. No faffing with laces – just slip your feet into your trainers and go!

Is there anything which is not worth investing in?

Although it can be tempting you probably don’t need to rush into buying all the latest gear straight away! It’s probably worth completing your first few events and then seeing if you enjoy it before guying loads of new kit. If you’ve got kids, get in touch once they’re hooked!

Will you be there on race day with any kit athletes have forgotten and some last minute advice?

Yes! I’ll bring a few essentials (although I can’t stretch to a new bike for you on race day!) I will be in the Dolphin Kick gazebo in the Event Village so do come along and say “hi” – it would be great to get to know you.

How did you get into kids’ triathlon clothing?

A few years my children had a go at triathlon and they really enjoyed it. As they began to race a bit more I was struggling to find them something to wear which was comparable to the trisuits adults participating in triathlons tend to wear. I recognised a gap in the market and decided to fill it – for the benefit of my own children and all the other youngsters out there enjoying their triathlon!

What is your top tip for an adult taking on the Sprint Triathlon event?

Organise everything you need for your triathlon and get a good night’s sleep. It’s good practice to plan what and when you are going to eat! Prepare a healthy low-fat meal consisting of carbohydrates and protein for two hours before your race start.

For those involved in the aquathlon event, what would you suggest for them?

Something for after the race! It’s easy to consider everything you need for the race itself but forget about recovery! You’ll get a snack on the finish line, but an additional something for the car journey home is sensible. My children love chocolate milk as a recovery snack.

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