Welcome to aat kids.

As organisers of some of the UK’s largest (and best) running and multi-sport events for children, we assure you that your children will have a fun and safe experience with aat events.

Children are welcomed to cheer their parents at all of our events, and invited to take part in many of the races we organise. Please refer to the age restrictions below to determine whether or not your child is old enough to race with us.


Age Restrictions

Those aged 10 or younger should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. To keep your children healthy, safe and for insurance purposes we work to the following age restrictions:

6 years or older – up to 2km run

10 years or older – up to 5km run

13 years or older – up to 10km run

16 years or older – 21km

18 years or older – Any distance – includes ultramarathon.


aat kids Calendar

We welcome children to participate in all the events which display the according symbol on the right-hand-side of the event page. To see a list of these events, please CLICK HERE.