Get your ass covered

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We don’t really know what happened to Autumn. One thing’s for sure though, it’s the 1st November and it’s looking pretty grim out there. Don’t worry though, aat events have got your ass covered… In the interest of encouraging people to keep cycling to and from work, your favourite sports events company have designed these saddle… Read more »

Night Fright: One of the UK’s Spookiest Races!

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Burn off those Halloween treats and get chased by volunteer zombies. Approach your race season with a different angle this October and sign up to an event that will give you adrenaline fuelled heebie-jeebies. Night Fright appears at the top of the list for the UK’s Spookiest Races as rated by The Running Bug, and is… Read more »

Treat Your Feet: Blister Advice for Runners

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Hollie's post-marathon feet!

Many of us spend half of our lives on our feet and, in that time, really put them through their paces…   The key piece of advice that any medical professional will tell you about any kind of tissue failure, is that preventing the problem is usually always easier than curing it. Your body will attempt to self… Read more »

Will You Be Going For Gold?

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AAT 4 Minute Mile-258-X3 (1)

With all the excitement surrounding Rio 2016, have you felt inspired to have a go at track running and earn yourself a medal? Perhaps you’ve made a bet with a family member or friend that you could beat them in a running race…Then you should come along to the 4 Minute Mile on 10th September at… Read more »

99 Problems, Recovery Ain’t One!

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Congratulations to all our cyclists who took part in the Surrey Sportive 2016. You’ve burnt thousands of calories as you’ve pedalled either 67km, 97km or 119km, but now it’s time to refuel your body so you can perform even better next time! COMPRESS TO IMPRESS The idea behind these bad boys (compression socks) is that they apply gentle… Read more »

SwiftCarbon Giveaway T&Cs

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Cycle Works, sponsors of the 2016 Surrey Sportive, are giving away a Swiftcarbon bag (pictured) to a lucky Surrey Sportive entrant. For your chance to win, all you have to do is: 1. Enter, or have entered, the Surrey Sportive before16:00 on Friday 12th August, AND 2. Subscribe to the SwiftCarbon newsletter before16:00 on Friday 12th… Read more »

aat events – Savin’ Your Ass!

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Breaking News!! You can now take a piece of Toby’s sense of humour with you wherever you go. Is this not what you’ve always wanted? aat events have designed their own bike saddle cover, which you can put on any bicycle saddle during the wet summer months we’ve been experiencing in Britain to keep your saddle dry. When… Read more »

Your Guide to the Surrey Sportive

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010-009-CWSS2 (1)

Whether you’re the fastest person you know on two wheels, or just looking to come and spectate, this guide will (hopefully) tell you everything you need to know about the county’s friendliest sportive. The main thing to take away is that the Surrey Sportive is an achievable cycling event for everyone. Happening at the state-of-the-art… Read more »

Why our Sportive IS for you

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Untitled design (22)

When aat events employed me (Hollie), I don’t think they realised just how slow I am on a bike! Over the years I dabbled in the odd triathlon event, and took part in my first “proper” super sprint last year. Although I was happy with my sub 1:30 time, it was clear where I would be shaving off the… Read more »

Event Review: Hard As Snails

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Times are certainly changing here in Great Britain: we delivered our brand new Triathlon event last month, and earlier this week we hosted one of our classic events in the middle of the week! We’re pleased to announce that we had some fantastic reviews* all round for Hard As Snails, and to be honest we’re all still buzzing about… Read more »