What Treats Do You Deserve?

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Here at aat, we love it when you know your workout has earned you the right to have a guilt free treat. Although we aren’t traditionally fans of counting calories, we were inspired by one of The Cycling Bug’s recent blog posts, and so we thought we’d make our own calculations for our Longleg Sportive cyclists…. Read more »

Surrey Half Marathon crowned “UK’s Best Road Race”

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Winners of the 2016 racecheck awards

Two running races delivered by local company aat-events have placed both 1st and 2nd in the racecheck awards for the UK’s Best Races. The Mercer Surrey Half Marathon won the prestigious award – named as not just the best half marathon, but as the UK’s Best Road Race. The accolade is not endorsed, but was… Read more »

aat kids events Calendar

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Welcome to the aat kids events Calendar Your child will have a fantastic experience with aat events. We organise some of the best running and multi-sport events for kids. The Surrey Half Marathon kids run for example, is one of the UK’s largest kids runs of it’s kind, offering a fun and safe experience for… Read more »

Advice for Fox Ultra participants

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If you’re taking part in the Fox Ultra on 22nd April 2017, save the link to this blog. We’ll be updating it from now up until the event with the best advice we can give! Q: What would you bring with you if you were going out for the day? A: Money, a phone, and… Read more »

aat events Calendar 2017

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Subscribe to all aat events, get notified: https://www.facebook.com/aatevents/events/   Sat 22nd April 2017 – Fox Ultra – 20k, 40k, 60k + 60k relay trail runs Sat 3rd June 2017 – The Hurt – 5k, 10.5k + 21k trail runs Sun 11th June 2017 – Guildford Triathlon – sprint triathlon: 500m pool swim, 21km road bike,… Read more »

Get in gear for Guildford Triathlon!

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There is still plenty of time to start training for the 2017 Guildford Triathlon events if you haven’t already! Guildford’s Phoenix Triathlon Club have come up with some great training tips to ensure you’re all ready for the events on 11th June and 10th August. Enjoy! When you decide it’s time to start training, think… Read more »

Get your ass covered

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We don’t really know what happened to Autumn. One thing’s for sure though, it’s the 1st November and it’s looking pretty grim out there. Don’t worry though, aat events have got your ass covered… In the interest of encouraging people to keep cycling to and from work, your favourite sports events company have designed these saddle… Read more »

Night Fright: One of the UK’s Spookiest Races!

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Burn off those Halloween treats and get chased by volunteer zombies. Approach your race season with a different angle this October and sign up to an event that will give you adrenaline fuelled heebie-jeebies. Night Fright appears at the top of the list for the UK’s Spookiest Races as rated by The Running Bug, and is… Read more »

A Half Marathon at Eighty!

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Jane Woolley, 80, was the eldest competitor taking part in the Surrey Hills Challenge on Sunday 25th September 2016 – Surrey’s largest challenge. The Challenge consists of 4 events; participants can chose to walk or run 5km, 10km, half marathon or ultra marathon distances. The event raised money for two charities: Surrey Hills Trust fund and… Read more »

Treat Your Feet: Blister Advice for Runners

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Hollie's post-marathon feet!

Many of us spend half of our lives on our feet and, in that time, really put them through their paces…   The key piece of advice that any medical professional will tell you about any kind of tissue failure, is that preventing the problem is usually always easier than curing it. Your body will attempt to self… Read more »